Ivory Pleated

This is our standard lining style and the most popular choice for any event. The pleated ivory linings hang from the roof apex down to the eaves. The walls are also then draped in ivory pleated linings and the look is finished off with ivory pleated swags at eave height and ivory curtains around the windows.

Ivory or White Flat

An increasingly popular choice, this style of flat linings is a more of a contemporary look when compared to pleated linings. Flat linings are often complemented with roof overlays to break up the roof linings, normally in colour. The flat linings are particularly effective when you intent to flood the roof linings with coloured lighting

Black or Ivory Starlight linings

Usually seen in black but also available in ivory. This material is a 4oz flat cloth with woven LED light with 5 LED per meter. This is hung in the roof area and is finished off with matching ivory or black walls underneath. This is normally positioned over the dance floor area but is also used to cover the entire marquee. This is stunning to look at and very impressive to wow your guests.

Overlays, drapes and coloured linings

Also available is a wide range of coloured accessories, drapes and overlays that clients often choose to add to the finishing touches and fashion their marquee to their style and theme. Items such as coloured overlays are a popular choice to break up roof linings and add a bit of colour. Colour pelmets alongside swags and curtains are also commonly used to style marquee to different looks. South Cheshire Marquees offer a wide range of all of these so that we can tailor the marquee to each individual client. Additional linings are also often sourced in for particular themes and looks.

Curtains and reveals

Curtains linings can also be installed that hang from the roof and are raised up and down. These are particularly useful and very popular for wedding events. Often used to separate and hide the dance floor area. Also often useful for hiding the attractive black or ivory starlight lining to then reveal and impress guests later on.