Dance floor & Staging

Parquet Wooden Dance Floor

Our parquet dance floor is our main wooden dance floor, it can be extended up to 10m². The industry standard top of the range parquet dance floor with aluminium battens and tool free locking system. The panel are 3ft x 3ft and have 9mm exterior plywood base with a 6.5mm parquet hardwood top. They are coated with three coats of a very hard wearing lacquer. When finished to a high standard and edged the dance floor is very impressive. The design is flexible allowing clients to have a dance floor shaped to their wishes

Acryil Dance Floor

South Cheshire Marquees offer various Acryil dance floor options. Our standard is a black & white chequered style, we also offer pure black and pure white. These can also be combined so clients can create patterns on the dancefloor, please enquiry for more details.

LED Twinkling Acryil Dance Floor

Similar in style to the standard acryil dance floor. This dance floor has LED lights woven in to it to add the specical look. This style is available in chequered, pure black or pure white.

Other dance floors can be sourced upon special request, such as NEON LED Dance floors or  MIRRORED dance floors.


We offer staging in sections of 8ft x 4ft which can be combined to make any size required. This is perfect for bands to perform on next to the dance floor, allowing the guests a good clear view. For larger events we can source 1m high staging used for concert and festivals.