Round tables

We can supply round tables in either 5ft, 5ft 6" or 6" depending on table sizes. These are mainly used as dining tables as they allow guests to interact better because the are all facing each other.

  • 5ft - up to 10 guests
  • 5ft 6" - 10 guests
  • 6ft - 10 - 12 guests

Oval tables

Oval tables are mainly reserved for a top tables, at a wedding for example. But can also be used at events such as balls where guests are wanting a larger number round one table.

Trestle tables

Trestle tables can be used for various things. Often popular as work tables for caters, they are also used as buffet or drink tables. Should a client not want round tables, trestle tables can be used in a bench style table arrangement, seating 3 chairs either side.

Poser tables

Poser tables are increasing popular with marquees and often used a temporary table for the guests upon reception, they can be placed anywhere. Light and easy to transport, poser tables are just one of the must-have items for any completed marquee.

Cake table

A high quality 3ft round with thick rubber edging, when finished with a table cloth its perfect for showing off a wedding cake or even used as a present table.

Patio table

A high quality patio table, that is hired as a set with 4 chairs and parasol. The patio furniture can be very impressive as lawn furniture for when guest are having a drinks reception outside in summer.