We offer a wide range of lighting options to suit any and all themes and looks a client might to trying to achieve. Below are a selection of the most popular types, we do offer a much wide range so please contact us for further details

Par uplighters

Par uplighters are used throughout the marquee industry. They offer soft light hidden behind the wall linings that shines upwards onto the wall and roof linings. These would usually be installed with a dimmer for greater control the uplighters provide basic lighting and would usually be used alongside other lighting. These can also be coloured by inserting coloured filters, this is all made available as part of the hire cost.

Brass 8 arm chandeliers

Brass 8 arm chandeliers are a standard lighting option in every day marquees, they are very effective at lighting the roof linings of any marquee and are suitable for nearly all events. We can offer as many as a client would want or need and can be controlled through the use of a dimmer for dancing in the evenings. They are often used alongside uplighters or other lighting systems.

LED colour changing uplighters

An upgraded version of the standard uplighters these are an LED RGB version that can be control manually or through a lighting desk using DMX controls. These can change to any colour or rotate randomly or through a pre-set order. Normally used through a control desk or dimmer. These LED versions have a much lower power requirement than the par equivalent and can be used to excellent effect for washing a marquee in coloured light or creating a coloured atmosphere.

Crystal 8 arm chandeliers

An upgrade option of the brass chandelier, these crystal chandeliers add a bit glamour and elegance to your event. They are considerably larger in size than the brass chandeliers and do create a focal point within the marquee. These are often LED lit from an above lighting rig, usually in purple or blue colour. This then washes the chandelier in the colour creating a lovely effect. They are usually controlled via a dimmer and have the same light output as the brass chandeliers.

LED Pin spots

Pin spots are a popular choice for large dining events. They are hung from the roof on lighting rigs and the LED spot lights shine narrow beams of light onto each central arrangement creating lovely pools of light. Pin pots are also often focused on items such as cake tables, bars, and any features the marquee may have.

Festoon lighting

Though consider more as a decoration festoon lighting is a great way of providing practical light in a decorative form. We usually use this within our walkways or pagodas, or lining pathway leading up to or from the marquee. The lights can be coloured for particular themes, usually a soft warm white is used.

Fairy lighting

This popular alternative to the ivory starlight lining. This has become very fashionable for wedding over the last several years. Soft white LED lights are hung behind the roof linings in patterns draped from the middle apex down to the eaves. Usually positioned over the bar or reception area but could incorporate the entire marquee.

Down Lighting

Down lighting is a recent addition to South Cheshire Marquees lighting portfolio. Positioned over particular focussed points, ie. Bar, buffet, ice sculptors, cake table…etc. trussing can be hung and then down lighting can be positioned. Down lighting can also be used as projectors to shine images onto walls or more commonly the carpet floor. These images could be anything from a butterfly, and leaf of the name of the bride and groom.

Pagoda cone Lighting

A growing choice for pagodas lighting, instead of hanging chandeliers or use of uplighters a concealed flood lighting is installed behind the linings to light up the cone of roof.  This can be done in colour or standard white. This is extremely effective when the pagoda is acting as a porch, this will flood the area beneath the pagoda in soft light.

Dance lighting

Dance lighting rigs can be provided with a mixture of effects depending on the atmosphere and style the event is aiming for. This usually consist of mirror balls, smoke machine, UV wash lighting, spot lighting for DJ/Band and a mixture of intelligent lighting systems. These would usually be controlled off a lighting desk and require an onsite technician to supervise the controls.

Outdoor light

A mixture of coloured flood lighting onto trees, ponds, the marquee itself or any nearby buildings. This is becoming a very popular option. A great way of setting an stunning atmosphere whilst providing practical light outside the marquee. This is from the use of various HQI and LED floods, available in any colour or plain white.