Heating & Electrical Supply


We are able to provide high quality and extremely efficient gas and diesel fuelled heaters. These are controlled via a thermostat allowing the client to fully dictate the marquee temperature. We are also able to provided as much additional fuel as any client would need. The heat is channelled in to the marquee through ducting that can be place where the client wish to counteract any drafts or coldness. Heating can ensure marquee facilites are suitable and viable all year round reagdless of the weather.

Electrical Supply

As part of our electrical equipment we are able to provide the marquee with a network of 13 amp plug sockets for bar, bands, DJ's, caters, and any other electrical appliance. We can link this into a distribution board allowing for RCD individual circuit breakers. This in turn can be connected to a generator or connected to a electrical mains supply (A qualified electrician is needed for the second option).